Protecting people, pets and the planet with world-changing technology

From small patches for spatial repellency that make humans invisible to mosquitoes, to high-tech Kite Active Delivery Systems (KADS), we spend our time developing new solutions to fix the problems that face all of us, one way or another. 

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A smart team using

science with purpose

With a team of experts and collaborators from around the world, our team is compassionate but intelligent, using science with purpose to create the next big defense against mosquitoes and other insects.


Breakthrough science

Years of research by leading botanical scientists have created a proven and effective alternative to mosquito repellent methods containing harsh chemicals, with formulations that modify how mosquitoes sense CO2.

Our botanical active ingredients confuse mosquito sensing receptors that guide them towards a food source, preventing them from finding and biting us - so you can indulge your curiosity of the world, safely.

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Effective Protection

All Kite products are free from DEET, or any other harsh chemicals. This is how our journey to creating safer protection against insects began.

We are replacing the outdated mosquito repellents that have dominated the market for decades.